10 Best Kenko Matchas of 2020[Full Buyer Guide]

Here, we’ll review the top 10 Best Kenko Matchas on the market today. We’ll provide an overview of what is good and not-so-good about each case, and we’ve provided a range of economic and excellent Best Kenko Matchas. In case, if you are in hurry this is the Best Kenko Matchas on Amazon

We spent 35 hours to find a best option for you and it is a Jade Leaf Organic Matcha, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Kenko Matchas available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Kenko Matchas, then you should go with Kiss Me Organics Matcha which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Kenko Matchas.

To help you in your search, we have sorted this list of the Best Kenko Matchas.

10 Best Kenko Matchas In

1 1 Jade Leaf Organic Matcha

  • 9.0

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2 2 Kiss Me Organics Matcha

  • 8.8

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3 3 Starter Matcha Pure Usda

  • 8.6

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4 4 Premium Japanese Matcha Green

  • 8.6

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5 5 Uvernal Organic Matcha Green

  • 8.8

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6 6 Jade Leaf Organic Ceremonial

  • 9.2

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7 7 Kenko Matcha Green Tea

  • 9.0

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8 8 Matchabar Ceremonial Grade Matcha

  • 9.0

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9 9 Naoki Matcha Organic First

  • 9.0

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10 10 Kenko Ceremonial Grade Matcha

  • 8.6

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1. Jade Leaf Organic Matcha

  • 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder – Pure Shade-Grown Green Tea Leaves – All Natural, Nothing Added (naturally gluten free and vegan)
  • Authentic Japanese Origin – sourced directly from organic farms in Uji and Kagoshima, Japan, allowing us to provide much better quality at better pricing
  • Create Amazing Matcha Recipes – Culinary Grade Matcha is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to lattes, smoothies, baked goods, and other dishes
  • Healthy Superfood – matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity
  • Love It or Your Money Back – if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just email us and we’ll make it right
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    2. Kiss Me Organics Matcha

  • This 4oz bag of authentic 100% certified organic Japanese Matcha green tea powder is perfect for Lattes, Smoothies, Whipped Drinks & Baking recipes!
  • The all natural, unsweetened, grassy and slightly bitter flavor lets you know that it’s the good stuff!
  • Increases energy and focus, and lifts your vitality and concentration with the slow release of nutrients. Our Matcha provides hours of steady energy without the caffeine crash.
  • Helps increases the rate of natural calorie burn that helps maintain a healthy metabolism to naturally support weight loss goals.
  • And hey, if you ever need more, just ask your Alexa Device, “Alexa, order Kiss Me Organics Matcha”
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    3. Starter Matcha Pure Usda

  • ON-THE-GO ENERGY: Whether you need a midday pick-me-up or you just want to start your morning off right, our superfood matcha tea powder is fast-acting and provides 4-6 hours of sustained energy! It even maintains good moods and focus for long-lasting support.
  • ANTIOXIDANT BOOST: Organic matcha powder contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, making it an effective way to bolster the immune system! By fighting free radical damage, it can also help improve the overall quality and health of your skin.
  • SUPPORT METABOLISM: Boasting the ability to increase fat oxidation by 17%, green tea matcha can naturally support weight loss! With a nutty, earthy taste, it’s a must-have when you want to give your smoothies, cakes, pastries or beverages a little extra kick.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Kosher, gluten-free and USDA organic, our green tea supplement is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality! The best part? It’s totally free of the preservatives, sweeteners and other additives found in the competing products.
  • SHOP RISK FREE: Ready to discover the endless matcha health benefits firsthand? We know you’ll love our supplement just as much as we do, but in case you don’t, orders are backed with our money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so try it today!
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    4. Premium Japanese Matcha Green

  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATCHA FROM JAPAN – Our certified JAS and USDA organic premium ceremonial grade Matcha is produced in YAME Japan, and is the first harvest of the Green Tea plant. With a smooth natural flavor and vibrant green color, our Matcha is highly potent and is the highest quality of Matcha green tea that you can buy. GUARANTEE – We stand behind our Matcha 100%. If you are not satisfied, just contact us within 60 days and we will give you a FULL refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • ENERGY, MEMORY AND FOCUS ENHANCER – With the power of the Amino Acid L-Theanine, our japanese ceremonial matcha green tea will give you all day energy, mental clarity and focus for up to 6 hours, without jitters or crash.
  • FAT BLOCKER, BURNER & METABOLISM BOOSTER – Drinking Japanese Matcha green tea before working out will increase your metabolism, and burn 25% more body fat during an exercise. Unlike other weight loss diet supplements, our Japanese Matcha green tea is an all natural USDA organic product with no additives or preservatives.
  • LATTES, SMOOTHIES, SHAKES & BAKING MIX – We highly recommend using Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder to any baking recipe such as Lattes, Smoothies, Shakes or Cookies. The smooth and natural flavor of our Organic Japanese Matcha adds a whole new level of nutrition to any recipe. With your purchase of our Japanese Matcha, you will receive a FREE copy of our Top 100 Matcha Recipe eBook.
  • ANTI-STRESS & ANTI-ANXIETY – Our select ceremonial grade of Japanese Matcha Green Tea has high levels of an organic amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid combats stress and anxiety and gives you that calm relaxing feeling that you need to focus. We highly recommend matcha green tea for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.
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    5. Uvernal Organic Matcha Green

  • GIVES YOU ENERGY – There is caffeine in Matcha, but it releases into the bloodstream slowly. Matcha’s caffeine has an alkalizing effect, resulting in a much gentler influence on the stomach, which gradually aids with digestion, healing, cleansing.
  • INCREASE MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION – The L-Theanine provided in a serving of Matcha Green Tea provides good, clean energy that can last up to 6 hours.
  • DIGESTION ENHANCER – The gentle caffeine boost is also calming on the rest of the body – many find it gradually aiding with digestion, healing, and cleansing.
  • LOWERS CHOLESTEROL – people who drink Match Green Tea on a regular basis show lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Matcha green tea powder contains 60% EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) which helps promote these benefits.
  • INCREDIBLE TASTE – It smells fresh and inviting like freshly blended vegetables. While it has a sweet, natural taste, there are also hundreds of recipes that it can be blended into to help add amazing health benefits to every meal!
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    6. Jade Leaf Organic Ceremonial

  • Ceremonial Grade Matcha – suited for traditional preparation where Matcha is simply whisked with hot water
  • 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, All Natural, Nothing Added (naturally gluten free and vegan)
  • Authentic Japanese Origin – sourced directly from organic farms Uji and Kagoshima, Japan, allowing us to provide better quality at better pricing than our competitors
  • Healthy Superfood – matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, great source of natural energy and mental clarity.
  • Love It or Your Money Back – if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our Matcha for any reason, just email us and we’ll refund your order in full, no questions asked
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    7. Kenko Matcha Green Tea

  • CEREMONIAL GRADE QUALITY – This is the highest grade matcha tea available. Only the youngest, greenest, and most delicate leaves are chosen to enhance the natural sweetness of the tea. There is no bitterness and no traces of stems or leaves— just light, soft tea powder that froths easily.
  • DELICIOUS COFFEE ALTERNATIVE – Matcha tea contains roughly 25-35mg of caffeine per half teaspoon, but won’t make you jittery or cause an afternoon coffee crash. Matcha green tea also contains L-Theanine, an important amino acid, as well as vital antioxidants. In fact, it contains 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea.
  • GUARANTEED FRESH – Our premium matcha tea is ordered in small batches and ground fresh to order. This means it is fresher than what’s sold in stores, and freshness means brilliant color, intoxicating aroma, and less bitterness. All orders are packed in airtight containers to ensure freshness.
  • AUTHENTIC JAPANESE ORIGIN- Our organic matcha tea is shade grown in the Nishio region of Japan by matcha tea experts. The special climate of Nishio produces the highest quality natural matcha tea. It is harvested during the first harvest in early May.
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – Our Japanese matcha tea is raised, harvested, and processed without the use of harmful pesticides or inorganic fertilizers and is non GMO and gluten free. It is hand picked and stone ground on granite mills. We also safety test for heavy metals and perform radiation testing every month.
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    8. Matchabar Ceremonial Grade Matcha

  • SMOOTH & BALANCED: Our unique blend of matcha ceremonial grade green tea powder is unsurpassed in color, taste, and texture. The flavor is sweet and earthy with hints of umami and a smooth mouth feel.
  • KAGOSHIMA TO YOUR KITCHEN: Sourced directly from our partner farm in Kagoshima, Japan. Small batch, hand blended, and graded by a certified Chasi tea master. Bright, fluffy, and emerald green in color, our bespoke blend of has a smooth flavor and loads of amino acids.
  • FROM A LEAF, NOT A LAB: Matcha comes from the whole leaf, wherein stone grinding unlocks essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Matcha also has higher levels of antioxidants, chlorophyll, and EGCG compared with steeped green tea.
  • NO CRASH. NO JITTERS: Rich in the amino acid L-Theanine, proven for focus and calm. Together with natural caffeine, you’ll experience sustained energy and focus without the jitters or crash. 80mg of caffeine per serving.
  • SIP YOUR GREENS: Made from the whole leaf, matcha contains higher levels of antioxidants, chlorophyll & EGCG than steeped green tea. Every sip is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals & nutrients.
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    9. Naoki Matcha Organic First

  • ✓ Certified organic by JAS (recognised by USDA) and subject to radiation and heavy metals testing. Made from the First Harvest tea leaves from the hilly Kirishima region just outside of Kagoshima city. The tea plants are shade grown, processed into tencha at modern facilities and only ground into matcha powder right before it leaves Japan for the USA.
  • ✓ You will experience a dark, intense taste with notes of raw cacao on the first sip, which evolves into a gently sweet aftertaste. This is an excellent blend of matcha for usucha AND matcha-based drinks. Zero unpleasant bitterness and absolutely no astringency.
  • ✓ This blend is versatile. It tastes good on its own as matcha tea and traditional usucha, but also works well with nut and oat milks for that perfect matcha beverage. Recreate that matcha cafe experience in the comforts of your own home with our Organic Ceremonial Blend
  • ✓ Matcha has caffeine and L-theanine. Together they help you focus and the caffeine is released slowly for an extended lift in your focus. This lets you avoid the exposive caffeine boost that is typical for coffee. Matcha is also naturally gluten and sugar free, and is a healthy source of antioxidants
  • ✓ We worked with an esteemed tea estate in Kagoshima prefecture to perfect our vision of creating a quality, all-purpose matcha blend that’s organic and reasonably priced.Thanks to our large network of tea estates, masters and factories, we are able to iterate on new blends quickly and effectively.
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    10. Kenko Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Premium Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea Powder Kenko Tea Ceremonial Japanese green tea matcha is grown in the Nishio region of Japan.

  • ✓137 X the ANTIOXIDANTS OF REGULAR GREEN TEA – May Enhance Focus, help Increase Energy, or Aid Meditation!
  • ✓ CEREMONIAL GRADE MATCHA – Shade Grown, Hand Picked Tea Leaves. Air Dried + Stone Ground to Order
  • ✓JITTER FREE ENERGY – for 4-6 Hours. Best Coffee Substitute with no Caffeine Jitters!
  • ✓Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly, Raw, Kosher, Pesticide Free – Lab Tested to Ensure the Safest Product
  • ✓ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If You’re not happy then We’re not happy. Simply ask us for a Full Refund
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