10 Best Leica Optical Levels of 2020[Full Buyer Guide]

Looking for some of the Best Leica Optical Levels? As you are already aware of the fact that the market is filled with many Best Leica Optical Levels. Also, all the products come with a different price tag. Hence it becomes quite confusing for us to choose the best one. However just to help you out, we have handpicked the top Best Leica Optical Levels. So let’s just check them out. In case, if you are in hurry this is the Best Leica Optical Levels on Amazon

We spent 47 hours to find a best option for you and it is a Dewalt Builder Level Tool, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Leica Optical Levels available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Leica Optical Levels, then you should go with Bosch Optical Level Kit which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Leica Optical Levels.

To help you in your search, we have sorted this list of the Best Leica Optical Levels.

10 Best Leica Optical Levels In

1 1 Dewalt Builder Level Tool

  • 9.2

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2 2 Bosch Optical Level Kit

  • 9.2

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3 3 David White Lt6900 Meridian

  • 9.0

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4 4 Dewalt Dw096Pk 26X Automatic

  • 7.8

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5 5 Leica Lino L2P5 Self

  • 8.4

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6 6 Leica Geosystems 840383 Na332

  • 9.6

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7 7 Nwi Nclp32 32X Contractors

  • 8.6

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8 8 Topcon 24X Automatic Level

  • 9.6

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9 9 Leica Geosystems 840386 Na532

  • 8.4

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10 10 Leica Geosystems 864435 Lino

  • 9.0

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1. Dewalt Builder Level Tool

An ideal measuring device for all construction, civil, and agricultural applications, the DeWalt DW090PK 20x Builder’s Level Package with Tripod, Rod, and Carrying Case (for level only) features 20x magnification for a range that exceeds 200 feet.

  • 20x magnification offers range of 200 feet or more
  • Accuracy within 1/4-inch per 100 feet
  • 360-degree horizontal circle with vernier scale for precise measuring of horizontal angles
  • Heavy-duty leveling base is fast and easy to set up and level
  • Protected leveling vial for jobsite durability
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    2. Bosch Optical Level Kit

    The Bosch GOL 32 Automatic Optical Level features a self-leveling compensator, both horizontal/vertical cross hairs and stadia lines, 32x magnification lens and large aperture for clear image.

  • DURABLE: Features a durable design of plastic with overmold in key impact areas. Also includes all metal housing with IP54 protection making the Bosch GOL 32CK both dust and water resistant.
  • SELF-LEVELING: The optical level is automatic and offers a self-leveling compensator and both horizontal/vertical crass hairs and Stadia lines.
  • POWERFUL: Provides extended viewing range with 32x magnification power and a large aperture for a working range of 400-feet.while also offering 1/16-inch accuracy at 100-feet ; Range:Up to 330-feet
  • SECURE: Features transport lock out device to protects compensator during transport and handling, granting this optical level portability from jobsite to jobsite.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The Bosch GOL 32CK magnetic dampening system quickly settles the system and reduces the effects of jobsite vibration, offering you accurate and precise leveling measurements.
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    3. David White Lt6900 Meridian

    LT6-900 22-power optical level-transit is modestly priced and easy to use.

  • 1/4-in at 100-ft (6mm at 30m) leveling accuracy
  • Up to 200-ft (60m) range
  • Horizontal Circle- Graduated to single degrees and reads by Vernier direct to 1/4 degree (15 minutes)
  • Horizontal Lock and Tangent Screw- Provides precise movement control
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    4. Dewalt Dw096Pk 26X Automatic

    This item doesn’t contain a laser.

  • Optical Level is self-leveling and features accuracy within 1/32-inch per 100 feet
  • 26x magnification offers range of 300 feet or more
  • Magnetically-dampened compensator for easy set-up with optimum range and accuracy
  • Heavy-duty leveling base is fast and easy to set up and level
  • 360-degree horizontal circle for precise measuring of horizontal angles
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    5. Leica Lino L2P5 Self

    The Leica Lino L2P5 combines all the advantages of the Lino dot and line lasers.

  • This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output
  • Bright Red Visible lines and points. (1/16″ horizontal accuracy at 16ft, 1/32″ vertical accuracy at 10ft)
  • 180° horizontal & vertical lines, plus 4 laser points all calibrated to perfect 90° angles.
  • Self leveling pendulum lets you know your line is out of level by blinking in line mode or disabling the dot in point mode. Once level, the line goes solid or the dot appears.
  • Lock pendulum to set out angled lines and to protect laser level when you aren’t using it.
  • Includes target plate, magnetic multi-function adapter, batteries, and carrying pouch..
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    6. Leica Geosystems 840383 Na332


  • Superior Performance
  • 32x Magnification
  • Water and Dust Tight (IP) and Impact Resistant
  • Simple Operation
  • Ergonomic Design
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    7. Nwi Nclp32 32X Contractors

    32x Contractors Automatic Level Pkg.

  • 32x Automatic Level, Builders Tripod and 9ft Grade Rod
  • 32x Magnification
  • Leveling Accuracy 1/16″ at 250ft
  • Working Range 400ft
  • Includes carrying case, plumb bob & manual
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    8. Topcon 24X Automatic Level

    The Topcon AT-B series sets a new standard for auto levels used in surveying, engineering and construction applications.

  • 24x magnification
  • Self-leveling
  • All weather dependability
  • Ultra-short 20cm focusing
  • Horizontal circle for measurement
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    9. Leica Geosystems 840386 Na532

    With the many obstructions and uneven surfaces, construction and building sites are full of levelling challenges.

  • 32x Magnification
  • The Leica NA532 is ruggedly made to withstand the harshest elements
  • With a unique design, these levels produce the highest quality results at the best price value
  • Rely on the known expert knowledge of Leica Geosystems with more than 260 service centers worldwide ready to support you
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    10. Leica Geosystems 864435 Lino

    Leica Lino products are designed for professionals, making your work easier, and improving your results, by providing excellent quality, performance and well-conceived accessories.

  • Combining green lines and point lasers increases laser visibility in bright environments and large rooms
  • Li-ion battery technology allows it to run over two working days on just one charge
  • Leica optics enable the device to project very long and bright lines/points which extends the working range significantly
  • Time consuming, strenuous tasks of drawing lines or dropping a plumb bob are a thing of the past
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